1. [Research Paper] Feature Extraction and Classification of Phonocardiograms using Convolutional Neural Networks

Final Year Project - Under Review for ICCE 2020

Brief Information: Phonocardiogram (PCG) is a high-fidelity recording that captures the heart auscultation sound. PCG signal is used as a diagnostic test for evaluating the status of the heart and it helps in identifying related diseases. Our goal was to extract vital features from a phonocardiogram and then classify it into normal and abnormal classes using Deep Learning techniques. The proposed algorithm achieved the overall score of 91.45% (91.86% sensitivity and 91.04% specificity) and 86.57% (89.78% sensitivity and 83.37% specificity) respectively on training and test datasets.

Collaborators: Ayush Thakur, Aritra Roy Gosthipaty, Devjyoti Chakraborty

Technologies: Tensorflow, Keras, Matplotlib, Librosa, MATLAB, Cloud TPU

2. [Group Project] Smart Cloud Based Drip Irrigation and Garden Monitoring - SOIF

Key Features

  1. ESP8266 based automatic pump control and weather monitoring (moisture, humidity, temperature, light intensity).
  2. Cloud based data analytics.
  3. Mobile app for weather monitoring and analytics with pump threshold control.

Collaborators: Anurag Roy, Ayush Thakur, Aritra Roy Gosthipaty

Technologies: Flutter, Flask, MongoDB, ESP8266

Repositories: Mobile App, Cloud Hosted API

3. [Group Project] Microservice Based Quiz App to Measure Scientific Temper of a Person - Vigyanam

Finalist - Smart India Hackathon 2019 Software Edition

Key Features

  1. Mobile App Quiz with focus on accessibility and UI/UX.
  2. RESTful API for anonymous data collection (location, gender, age group, device id).
  3. Adaptive Scoring Mechanism.
  4. Analytics dashboard.

Collaborators: Sayak Paul, Anubhav Singh, Ritwik Raha, Aritra Roy Gosthipaty, Ayush Thakur, Sunita Sen, Sharnagat Thakur

Technologies: Flutter, Flask, MySQL, Pandas, Plotly

4. [Group Project] QR Code Based Attendance App for Classrooms / Meetups

Key Features

  1. Client QR scanner App.
  2. Cloud generated dynamic QR
  3. RESTful API + Dashboard for creating classroom/class/student and attendee verification.

Collaborators: Aritra Roy Gosthipaty, Ritwik Raha, Sunita Sen

Technologies: Flutter, Flask, React, MySQL, Socket.IO